Functional Medicine Practitioner
Dr. Pamela Hyde

Functional Medicine Functional Medicine

Doctor Pamela Hyde has always had a deep passion for helping people realize their true power in taking control of their own health and wellness.  As a practitioner of Functional Medicine Dr. Hyde and her team at AIM Wellness partner with clients to get to the root causes of chronic disease.  Knowing 80% of all chronic disease is dictated by lifestyle and environment, she is dedicated to being a leader in changing the way we look at our health as well recognizing the limits of our current health care system.  

Dr. Hyde has been practicing Osteopathic Medicine for over 25 years.  As a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist she served for more than 17 years at  Jackson County Memorial Hospital Women’s Health Associates in Altus, Oklahoma.  Earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition Research  from the University of Maryland Dr. Hyde holds steadfast to the belief that food is medicine, prevention is the best approach, and makes the commitment to "walk her talk" each and every day. 

In 2004 Dr. Hyde chose to further her postgraduate studies with The American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, going on to achieve the  distinction of Board Certification and Advanced Fellow in 2009.  She currently studies under experts, such as Mark Hyman, M.D., with the Institute for Functional Medicine Certification Program (IFMCP) and will complete this in 2018, becoming only the second physician in the state of Oklahoma to hold this distinction.  As a expert in women’s health, hormones, and functional medicine, Dr. Hyde has been a keynote speaker at numerous symposiums and community events in the Southwest Oklahoma region.  She serves as Medical Director for Life Services at Pathways, a pregnancy resource center located in Altus.

Dr. Hyde moved to Altus in 2001 from Navarre Beach, Florida upon completing her active duty commitment as a US Air Force Physician stationed at Eglin Air Force Base.  Lieutenant Colonel Hyde is now retired from a military career with 24 years service in the USAF Reserves.  As a world traveler and East Coast girl living in large cities all her life, small town living took some time to grow on her but she now loves the milder pace.