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Read below to learn more about the medical services I offer. If you'd like to move forward as a patient, please book a Clarity Call to get started.

Foundational Assessment 


My Foundational Assessment is a one-time investment of $999. It includes two evaluation appointments with Dr. Hyde, lab work, and an integrative eight-part health plan that provides a 360-degree strategy for optimal living. The Foundational Assessment is billed in two parts in case we decide you are not a candidate for labwork and do not need that or a 2nd evaluation appointment.

1-on-1 Medical Director


I offer personal 1-on-1 medical director services for clients in crisis. I will work with your primary care physician if you have one and provided you with thorough health advice for your situation. Every one of my patients must first complete a Foundational Assessment before signing up for the 1-on-1.

Get Started

It all starts with a Clarity Call. Whether you are interested in the Foundational Assessment, 1-on-1 medical consulting or just want to get to know me more. Schedule a clarity call where I'll learn more about what your goals are and what the best plan of action is for your situation.  

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